Seedball matchbox - bee mix
Seedball matchbox - bee mix
Seedball matchbox - bee mix

Seedball matchbox - bee mix

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Seed all easy wildflower seed bombs for natural diversity in the garden .

Gardening made easy.

Each matchbox is made of 100% recycled card and contains 6 Bee Mix seed balls, plus a little card insert to explain what the balls are and how to use them.

Matchbox Dimensions: 58mm x 37mm x 15mm

Each matchbox provide enough balls for 1-2 medium sized pots (leave at least 10cm between each ball). Best scattered in Spring or Autumn.

Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of bee loving Birdsfoot Trefoil, Foxglove, Red Clover, Viper’s Bugloss, Wild Marjoram plus quicker growing annuals Chamomile, Cornflower, Corn marigold, and Night-flowering catchfly.


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