Sea Tea - various
Sea Tea - various
Sea Tea - various
Sea Tea - various

Sea Tea - various

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Sea Tea is made in the family farm on the isle of Kerrera near Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. 

They use a mixture of home-grown, foraged and organically sourced herbs and Island botanicals with a dash of dulce sea weed. What’s not classed as organic is forged locally. 

We are stocking the following Sea Tea varieties:

Island Meadow is a pretty and mellow blend of organic flowers and wild harvested botanics that takes you to a summers day lying in a Kerrera wildflower meadow.

Mint Coast is a minty POW! … to the palate with a cool and refreshing peppermint base and gentle ripple of dulce seaweed.

Calm Shores is a relaxing blend of chamomile, lemon balm and dulce seaweed with nettle. Unwind on our calm Kerrera shores.

Jade & Rose a classic yet unique green tea using Pin Hon Jade green tea, rosebuds, nettle and the most soothing dulce seaweed.

brew up, sit back and think of that island sunset. 

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