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Eco Orkney - Goods that do Good®

How you shop can make changes you can only imagine. Changes for the better. You can support small businesses, family businesses, green businesses, nature and the environment.

Here at Eco Orkney we want to support you wielding your purchasing power for the greater good.

We believe that Goods really can do good!

Every Day Essentials

Customer Testimonials

🍫"I like the anti-slavery message of the product, and I think my wife and daughter will be very pleased with them." -Paul (Tony’s Chocolate)

🧼”Super impressed with the shampoo. Hair feels lovely and clean and no residue at all.” - Kat (Zero Waste Path 2in1 shampoo bar)

🐝 "These bees wax wraps are the way to go. No smell, no taste left on the food and no plastic in the bin." - Hilary (Bees Wax Wrap Co. Large Kitchen Pack)

🧼 "We love the soap, it's not slimy, it smells delicious and not residue on hands." - Donald (Friendly Soap)

🎁 "My mum really liked the moment of gratitude pack. She said she started to feel calmer just reading the card." - Eibhlin (Gratitude Gift Pack)

Waste-Not Warehouse

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