F.E.T.E bamboo cotton buds (100s)
F.E.T.E bamboo cotton buds (100s)

F.E.T.E bamboo cotton buds (100s)

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This product is ALL NATURAL & VEGAN

Bamboo FETE (from earth to earth) Cotton & Bamboo Swabs 100 pieces – an ear cleaning tool made of bamboo

The F.E.T.E. Cotton & Bamboo Swabs helps protect the environment, as being completely biodegradable, compostable & sustainable.

Material: Stick is made of Maso bamboo. The Tips are made of natural cotton and grown without using chemicals.

100% bioderadable

100% compostable

Usage: Single use for ears or make-up removal, etc., and safe for the environment after disposal.

Can be used for children as well but an adult should administer young children so they do not stick it into the ear and cause damage.

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