Ocean Saver laundry detergent sheets (30 washes)
Ocean Saver

Ocean Saver laundry detergent sheets (30 washes)

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Introducing these Ocean Saver **NEW** Laundry Detergent Sheets

These OceanSaver Laundry EcoSheets clean as well as the leading brand laundry PODS without harming Ocean life. They also cost less, take up less space and reduce packaging. Just take a sheet and use it like a laundry pod. When the packet is finished pop it in the recycling. 

These Ocean Saver EcoSheets are a concentrated sheet form of laundry detergent, made with a powerful plant-based formula. They clean, remove stains, and freshen every time, even on cold washes and with delicate clothes such as silks and wools.

This pack contains laundry sheets for 30 washes - that's just 22p per wash! 

Our laundry sheets are:

  • Plant-based, and palm oil free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Plastic free
  • Ultra compact and concentrated; saving you lots of space!
  • Zero waste
  • Zero mess
  • Light and compact – plus great for travel
  • Can be used as a hand wash too

ooh, and they smell great too. 

how to use the Ocean Saver EcoSheetEach Strip / Half Sheet is best used for 1 Medium load (About Half Drum / 3.5-4kg); One Full Sheet (2 Strips) is best used for large load (About 3/4 - Full Drum / 7-8kg)

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