The Beauty of Bees Wax Wraps

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The beauty of wax wraps

I read a statistic recently which estimated that in the UK we send 1.2 billion metres of clingfilm to landfill every year. That's a whopping 40 million rolls! 

One of our main goals at Eco Orkney is to make planet friendly swaps accessible to as many homes as possible... so ditching the clingfilm was a great place to start. 

Wax wraps are the perfect antidote to address the planetary scale of plastic disposal at the same time as keeping our food fresh for another day. At EcoOrkney we have a variety of colours, patterns and sizes of wax food wraps and you can choose from beeswax or a vegan friendly alternative. 

Consumer research group Which tested out how wax wraps compared to clingfilm at keeping food fresh. You can see from the image below that wax wraps performed much better than both no wrap and clingfilm! 

Which also showed that the wax wrap was great at keep citrus fruits juicy for up to 8 days, sandwiches didn't go soggy before lunch and strong scents from your most eye watering cheese (Stilton) were kept encased using wax as opposed to the film.

Image of an apple segment wrapped in clingfilm and a beeswax wrap

Wax wraps are durable and easy to use - you simply use the warmth from your hands to bond the wrap together. Cleaning is a breeze simple wiping with a clean, damp cloth. 

While the wraps are a little more expensive than cling film, you will get years of use and they will save you money in the long term. Not to mention that you can pat yourself on the back from saving both plastic and food from going in the bin. 

Colourful beeswax wraps in their packets

I have slowly build up a collection of around different wraps. You can find information on how to use them in the videos below 

Make a pouch for the fridge

How to wrap everyday items


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